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 +====== MIDI Export ======
 +Exporting your Musink projects as MIDI can let you import them into 3rd-party software, or play them back through Windows Media Player.
 +===== Exporting =====
 +To export the your MIDI files:
 +  - **Select File** from the menu bar
 +  - **Select Export as MIDI**
 +  - Choose a save location
 +Export MIDI will only export the [[project:​sections|project section]] that is currently visible.
 +===== Exporting Loops =====
 +To export a MIDI loop:
 +  - **Select File** from the menu bar
 +  - **Select Export MIDI Loop** You will be prompted to select the first and last bars to loop. 
 +  - **Click the first bar** of the loop
 +  - **Click the last bar** of the loop
 +  - **Choose the number of times** that you want the loop to play those bars
 +  - **Press OK**
 +  - Your MIDI file will be created
 +  - Choose a save location
 +<WRAP download round>
 +//​**Download Project**//
 +{{:​swing.musink|An example project that is ready-to-loop}}