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 +====== Playback ======
 +Musink can play back your score to you through any functioning GM-compatible MIDI device. For a list of free MIDI devices, see [[midi:​playback-devices|]].
 +===== Video Tutorial =====
 +A short video tutorial on playing your score is below. It does not cover every topic on this page.
 +{{ youtube>​HMeJ9gi13CU?​large }}
 +===== Playing =====
 +[{{ :​basics:​buttonpanel_maincontrols_labelled.png?​nolink|}}]
 +There are several ways to play back your score:
 +  * Press the //Playback Button//. Your score will play from the start.
 +  * From the menu bar, select **Playback** then click **Play/​Stop**. Your score will play from the start.
 +  * Press **spacebar**. If you mouse is over a [[writing:​guide_notes|guide note]] when you press spacebar, your score will play from that bar. If your mouse is not over a guide, your score will play from the start.
 +All of these options will also stop playback.
 +Playback will only play the [[project:​sections|project section]] that is currently visible.
 +===== Playing A Loop =====
 +//This feature is available in Musink Pro only//
 +With Musink Pro, you can play back a part of your score as a loop. Looped playback will continue until you stop it by pressing the //Playback Button// or press spacebar. Playing back loops can be a useful tool while trying to compose an idea in your head, or for practicing '​playing along' with music.
 +To play back a loop:
 +  - From the menu bar, select **Playback**,​ then click **Play Loop**
 +  - **Click the first bar** of the loop
 +  - **Click the last bar** of the loop
 +  - Playback will begin
 +  - Press spacebar or click the //Playback Button// when you wish to stop playback
 +<WRAP round tip>
 +You can also export part of your score as a loop to a MIDI file. See [[midi:​exporting|]] for details.
 +===== Playback Quality =====
 +==== Sound Quality ====
 +To improve how Musink sounds, see [[midi:​playback-devices|]].
 +==== Timing ====
 +Playback in Musink may not be smooth under particular circumstances. These include:
 +  * When many other programs are loaded
 +  * In computers with slower processors
 +  * If there is a problem with Windows'​ timers or hardware
 +  * The first time scores are played (older versions of Musink Lite only)
 +If you have stuttered playback, it may help to:
 +  * Ensure you have the [[basics:​updating|most up to date version]] of Musink
 +  * Try using a different [[midi:​playback-devices|output device]]
 +  * Close other programs, especially those that use the your computer'​s soundcard
 +  * Zoom out as far as possible
 +  * Scroll through your score when it is first opened, before playing it
 +===== Changing MIDI Devices =====
 +To change the MIDI device used for playback:
 +  - **Select Playback** from the menu bar
 +  - **Select Output Device**
 +  - **Click** the device you wish to use. If your device is not listed, click **Refresh devices** and retry. If your device is still not listed, it may be malfunctioning or not GM-compatible.
 +  - Musink may pause after changing output device, or while refreshing devices. This is normal.
 +<WRAP important round>
 +If you are using **Musink Pro**, do **not** connect to the same device for both MIDI input and MIDI output while //MIDI Thru// is enabled. Doing so may cause a feedback loop that can cause your device, your soundcard, or Musink to become unstable. It is safe to connect to the same device for input and output while //MIDI Thru// is disabled. ​