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 +====== MIDI Step Entry ======
 +//This topic is available in [[http://​musink.net/​download/​default.aspx|Musink Pro]] only//
 +//Step Entry// is a way of adding notes to your score using a MIDI device, such as a MIDI-keyboard. Unlike [[midi:​recording|MIDI Recording]],​ step entry is not entered '​live'​ while the score plays. Unlike other score writers, Musink Pro has a //​dual-mode//​ step-entry system that lets you enter notes in two ways (see below).
 +===== Turning Step Entry On and Off =====
 +To turn step entry on and off, click //MIDI Step Entry// from //Tools// in the [[basics:​user_interface|Menu Bar]]. ​
 +If you have not set up a MIDI input device yet, it will prompt you to do so. See [[midi:​input-devices|]] for instructions.
 +[{{ :​midi:​step-entry-turn-on.png?​direct&​400 |MIDI entry mode on and off from Tools the Menu Bar. A tick beside this indicates that the Mode is already on.}}]
 +<WRAP tip round>
 +Once step entry is on, there is usually no reason to turn it off. You can continue to use the mouse and computer keyboard as you normally would while MIDI Entry is on.
 +===== Adding Notes =====
 +Once step entry is on, there are two ways of adding notes using your MIDI keyboard (or other MIDI device). ​
 +==== Selective Add ====
 +Adds single notes or chords at the location of the mouse pointer. To utilise this:
 +  - Hover the mouse over a [[writing:​guide_notes|guide note]] where you want to add notes
 +  - Play a note or chord on your MIDI keyboard
 +==== Continuous Add ====
 +Adds a series of notes or chords. To utilise this:
 +  - Select a note you wish to start at by clicking on it, or add a note using the //Selective Add// method (above)
 +  - Move the mouse away from the [[basics:​user_interface|music editing area]], so it is not over any guide note
 +  - Play a series of notes or chords on your MIDI keyboard
 +<WRAP tip round>
 +Notes are added where [[writing:​guide_notes|guide notes]] are. If you want to add notes further apart (e.g. as half notes), [[writing:​guide_notes|remove guide notes]] before entering notes. If you want notes to be closer together (e.g. 32nd notes), ​ [[writing:​guide_notes|add guides]] first. ​
 +If you wish to see all guides at once, this option can be turned on under [[options:​start|program options]].