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 +====== Colour Blind Mode ======
 +To help users those who suffer from visual impairment and/or colour (color) blindness, Musink comes with a //​colour-blind mode// option. When //​colour-blind mode// is switched on, a box appears around notes and marks that are selected. This feature was introduced in Musink version
 +[{{ :​options:​colour_blind_with_and_without.png?​nolink | A rest and clef selected with colour-blind mode on (top) and off (below)}}]
 +===== Using Colour-blind Mode =====
 +To turn colour-blind mode on or off:
 +  - **Click //Tools//** from the [[basics:​user_interface|Menu Bar]]
 +  - **Click //​Options//​**. The options window will appear.
 +  - **Double-click //​Appearance//​** to expand the appearance options
 +  - **Click //Use colour-blind mode//**
 +  - **Press OK**
 +If you have turned on colour-blind mode, boxes will now appear around selected notes and marks.
 +===== Publishing =====
 +//​Colour-blind mode// has no impact on published scores. The box which appears around selected items does not appear in published scores.