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 +====== Template Editor ======
 +//This feature is available in [[http://​musink.net/​download/​default.aspx|Musink Pro]] only.//
 +The Template Editor allows you to design your own [[publishing:​templates|templates]] (page layouts) that you can use when [[publishing:​publishing_overview|publishing]]. It also allows you to duplicate, modify, import, and export existing templates, including those that ship with Musink.
 +Step through a [[pro:​template_editor:​first_template|tutorial]],​ or select a topic below to learn more about the Template Editor.
 +  * [[pro:​template_editor:​first_template|]]
 +  * [[pro:​template_editor:​user_interface|]]
 +  * [[pro:​template_editor:​keyboard_shortcuts|]]
 +  * [[pro:​template_editor:​pages|]]
 +  * [[pro:​template_editor:​margins|]]
 +  * [[pro:​template_editor:​fonts|]]
 +[{{ :​pro:​template_editor:​template-editor.png?​direct&​600 | The Template Editor user interface }}]