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 +====== Drum Keys ======
 +[{{ :​project:​drumkey_small.png?​nolink|A basic drum key made up of three '​bars'​}}]
 +Drum keys are a special type of [[project:​sections|section]] in which note-stems and barlines are invisible. Drum keys have one '​beat'​ per bar. A drum key of all percussion in Musink is on the [[writing:​percussionists|percussion hints page]].
 +The basic steps to create a drum key are as follows:
 +  - **Click Project** From the Menu Bar
 +  - Select **Add Drum Key**
 +  - **[[writing:​writing_notes|Add notes]]** in the normal way. If you run out of space, add more bars.
 +  - **Add [[writing:​text_marks|text marks]]** above or below those notes
 +  - **[[writing:​bars#​deleting_bars|Delete remaining bars]]** containing rests
 +<WRAP download round>
 +//​**Download Project**//
 +{{:​writing:​drum_map.musink|Download a large example of a drum key}}