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 +====== Publishing ======
 +[{{ :​beethoven_old_style_2.png?​nolink&​300|A published score}}]
 +//​Publishing//​ is the process of converting your project into a [[publishing:​filetypes|PDF document, XPS document, or PNG (image)]] files. It can be thought of as a special kind of export operation that arranges your music into rows and pages. Publishing is completely automated. How your project appears depends on the page [[publishing:​templates|template]] that you select, and any [[publishing:​publish_options|publish settings]] you choose. A project can be published any number of times, and can be edited after publishing. Publishing does not affect how your music appears in the [[basics:​user_interface#​the_main_window|Music Editing Area]].
 +===== Advantages of Publishing =====
 +By automating publishing, Musink allows you to:
 +  * Focus on writing music, rather than waste your time formatting it
 +  * Export your music to two or more different formats in a matter of seconds. For example, you can publish to a format suitable for printing, and then quickly publish again in a format suitable for reading on an eBook or iPad
 +  * Make small tweaks to your music without having to reformat everything that follows
 +===== What is Automated? =====
 +During publishing, Musink automatically:​
 +  - Merges voices with the same //Voice Group//
 +  - Overlays voices from the same stave on top of each other
 +  - Arranges the position of marks and text to prevent overlapping
 +  - Arranges your music onto rows and pages
 +  - Sets the size and margins of the page, based on the [[publishing:​templates|template]] of choice
 +  - Sets page titles, page numbers, and their fonts, based on the [[publishing:​templates|template]] of choice
 +  - '​Stretches'​ your bars to fit the width of the page (optional)
 +  - Labels your staves with their stave names (optional)
 +  - Simplifies note groupings (optional)
 +  - And many others...
 +Publishing only affects how your project appears in published form. You will not see any changes to your project in the [[basics:​user_interface#​the_main_window|Music Editing Area]].
 +===== How To Publish =====
 +[{{ :​basics:​buttonpanel_maincontrols_labelled.png?​nolink&​300|The publish button on the button bar}}]
 +To publish your work:
 +**1.** Press the **publish button**, or select **File** --> **Publish** from the menu bar. The //publish window// will appear:
 +{{:​publishing:​publishwindow_top.png?​nolink&​400|The Publishing window}}
 +**2.** Choose a [[publishing:​templates|template]] (optional)
 +**3.** Change any [[publishing:​publish_options|publish options]] you wish to change (optional)
 +**4.** Press **Publish**
 +**5.** When publishing has completed, **choose the [[publishing:​filetypes|format]]** you wish to save your work as (XPS, PDF or PNGs)
 +**6.** A pop-up window will appear to save the file. **Save it** where you wish.
 +**7.** You will be notified that it has saved. Click **Open File** to open it (optional)
 +**8.** Press **OK** to close the popup window
 +**9.** **Close** the //Publish Completed// popup, or save your work again in a different format
 +===== Printing =====
 +To print your work:
 +  - Publish your project to an [[publishing:​filetypes|XPS]] or [[publishing:​filetypes|PDF document]]
 +  - Save the XPS/PDF document to file
 +  - Open the XPS/PDF document by double clicking it in Windows Explorer, or by clicking **Open File** from the saved notification popup
 +  - Choose "​Print"​ from the File Menu of the software that opened the file