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 +====== Publish Troubleshooting ======
 +===== Doesn'​t Fit =====
 +The most common publishing issue is that the music doesn'​t fit on the page. This generally occurs because:
 +  - The [[publishing:​templates|template]] you have picked is very small, or has a large note-size. Try picking a different template, or  [[http://​musink.net/​download/​purchase_musink_pro.aspx|purchase Musink Pro]] to design a [[pro:​template_editor:​start|page template]] that can fit your score.
 +  - You have a large number of [[publishing:​publishing_marks|bar links]], or you have bar links connecting long bars. Remove the bar link.
 +  - You have written a long text mark with offsetting text. Try rewriting the text as [[writing:​text_marks#​free|free text]].
 +  - You have a very tall bar, but have chosen a short template (such as a landscape template). Try picking a different template, or using a different clef to reduce the heights of your notes.
 +  - You have a very large number of staves on the page. Try picking a portrait template with //small// or //very small// notation size. Alternatively,​ consider [[http://​musink.net/​download/​purchase_musink_pro.aspx|purchasing Musink Pro]] to design a [[pro:​template_editor:​start|page template]] which can fit this many instruments.
 +===== Fonts Are Incorrect =====
 +Some versions of Firefox do not display embedded fonts from PDFs correctly. If you are viewing the PDF in Firefox, try to view the PDF in another program.
 +===== Text Off The Page =====
 +If you have a long [[writing:​text_marks|text mark]], it is possible that it may go off the edge over the page margins, or off the edge of the page. Solutions to this problem include:
 +  * Shortening the text!
 +  * Putting returns in the text, so it is taller, but not as longer. To do this, while editing the text mark, just press the return (enter) key.
 +  * Deleting the text mark, and re-writing it as [[writing:​text_marks#​offsetting|offsetting text]], or as a series of offsetting text-marks. Offsetting text will never go off the edge of the page.
 +  * Placing a [[publishing:​publishing_marks|drop-line mark]] at the start of the bar holding the text, so that it appears on the next line
 +  * Placing a [[publishing:​publishing_marks|bar link]] between the bar holding the text and the next bar