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If you are having issues with Musink, you should ensure that you are running the most up to date version available to download. Update instructions here.


For troubleshooting related to MIDI and Playback, see Midi Troubleshooting


For troubleshooting related to publishing, see Publish Troubleshooting


Musink Crashes During Installation


When trying to install Musink, it crashes without explanation, or reports that something has gone wrong.


This may occur if there is something wrong with your system, or if Windows is critically out-of-date.


  1. Visit Windows update and install all available updates. If this crashes, contact Microsoft support directly.
  2. Once this has completed, restart the computer to ensure updates are applied
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until Windows Update informs you that there are no updates remaining.
  4. Try to reinstall Musink
  5. If reinstallation fails, contact support. You may be asked to supply a log file from your computer.

Musink Does Not Start - No Error Displayed


Launching Musink does not work. Musink does not load at all, or hangs when displaying the Musink Logo (Musink Pro only), and no error message is displayed.


This rare issue occurs when soundcard drivers, or similar, are malfunctioning. To determine if this is the case, try to play back an MP3 and a MIDI file in another program, such as Windows Media Player. If they will not play, it is likely that your soundcard (or its drivers) are malfunctioning. If so, the following are potential fixes for this issue:

  • Restart Windows and try again
  • Ensure that your drivers are up to date and functioning properly
  • Reinstall your soundcard
  • Run Windows Update, and ensure that your system is up to date
  • Reinstall Windows

This issue affects Musink Lite Versions < = and Musink Pro versions < =

Musink Does Not Start - Requests Reinstall


When trying to launching Musink, it requests that you reinstall it, then closes.


This can occur when installation:

  • was not allowed to complete properly, or failed
  • has been corrupted due to a bad download
  • has been corrupted by another program damaging your registry


  1. If you are a Pro user, back up your templates, by exporting them to a safe location, before continuing.
  2. Completely uninstall Musink, and delete the downloaded installation file.
  3. Visit http://musink.net and re-download the latest version of Musink
  4. Install again

Keyboard Shortcuts Stop Working


Shortcuts for the keyboard stop working.


Sometimes, certain shortcuts are simply not available. For example, you cannot paste before copying something.

In other cases, this is a known bug. We are working on solving this problem. If you find you come across this bug frequently by performing certain actions, please contact support.


  • Check if any other shortcuts work. If so, then your command is simply not possible at this time (not a bug).
  • Press TAB, then try again
  • Click on a guide note, or menu item, then try again
  • Click on a different program, click back to Musink, then try again