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 +====== List of Video Tutorials ======
 +This is a list of video tutorials. Some of these tutorials are also in pages within this wiki. All tutorials are hosted on [[http://​www.youtube.com/​user/​MusinkSoftware/​videos|Musink'​s YouTube channel]].
 +It is recommended to view tutorials in full screen and high-resolution in order to see details on screen.
 +You will need an HTML5 compliant browser and/or the Flash plugin to watch videos. If videos do not appear for you below, try [[http://​www.youtube.com/​user/​MusinkSoftware/​videos|Musink'​s YouTube channel]].
 +===== Longer Tutorials =====
 +==== Guide notes ====
 +==== Guides, Notes, and Tuplets ====
 +==== Writing Drum Music ====
 +===== Micro-Tutorials =====
 +Micro-tutorials are 1-2min videos which demonstrate how to do one task. They are straight to the point and provide little or no background information. ​
 +==== Changing Instruments ====
 +==== Creating Piano Staves / Grand Staff ====
 +==== Playback ====
 +==== Setting and Changing Tempo ====
 +==== Tremelo Flags and Drum Rolls ====