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 +====== Grace Notes ======
 +[{{ :​basics:​buttonbar_noteandmarkediting_labelled.png?​direct| The //Add Grace Note button// appears on the right of the button bar}}]
 +Musink supports grace notes, which are also known as //flams// or //ruffs// in percussion.
 +To add grace notes to a note:
 +  - **Select one or more notes** by clicking, shift+clicking,​ or control+clicking on them
 +  - **Press the //Add Grace Note// button** on the [[basics:​user_interface|button bar]]
 +===== Marks =====
 +Most [[writing:​non_standalone_marks|marks]] can be added to grace notes, just as they can be added to normal notes. The exception are slurs: one slur per grace note group is automatically added when you create the grace note. This can be deleted in the [[writing:​non_standalone_marks|normal way]]. You cannot add ties or slurs to grace notes yourself. If you wish to add a slur because you deleted it by accident, delete the grace note and add a new one.
 +Marks added to grace notes are proportionally smaller, to match the size of the grace note itself.
 +[{{:​writing:​grace_notes.png?​400 | Grace notes can be stylised just like normal notes}}]
 +===== Playback =====
 +Grace notes are played back as 32nd notes before their parent note.
 +===== Rules =====
 +  * Up to eight grace notes can be added to any note
 +  * You cannot add grace notes to rests or other grace notes
 +  * Most things you can do with normal notes, you can also do with grace notes. This includes moving to other lines, changing note heads or stem directions, etc.
 +  * You can delete a slur from grace notes, but you cannot add slurs or ties to them. To If you accidentally delete a slur, delete the gracenote and add it back in
 +  * Grace notes are always connected by two horizontal bars; single grace notes always appear with a single tail (like an eighth note); syncopation is not supported.
 +  * Each [[project:​staves_and_voices|voice]] can only have one groups of grace notes per beat. If you need two groups of grace notes, consider adding a second [[project:​staves_and_voices|voice]] to your stave.
 +  * Like normal notes, grace notes **cannot** be made [[publishing:​publish_visibility|invisible when publishing]]