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 +====== Guide Notes ======
 +Musink introduces the concept of //guide notes//, or //'​guides'//​ for short. Guides are grey notes which appear under the cursor in the music editing area. Clicking on a guide note will create an actual note at that location. Guides are used for entering notes only; they do not appear in the published score.
 +{{:​basics:​guides1.png?​nolink |}}
 +{{:​basics:​guides2.png?​nolink |}}
 +===== Tutorial Video =====
 +The following video contains a brief overview of guides. For more information,​ read below.
 +<iframe width="​420"​ height="​315"​ src="​https://​www.youtube.com/​embed/​NF7HuWC9vgo"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe>​
 +===== Adding or Removing =====
 +[{{ :​basics:​buttonbar_guides_labelled.png?​nolink|Guide tools on the button bar}}]
 +There are two ways to change the precision of guides (e.g. from 8ths to 16ths):
 +==== Method 1 ====
 +  - **Hover your mouse over the [[writing:​tuplets|tuplet]]** of interest
 +  - **Press the = or + key**. More guides will appear under the mouse.
 +You can also reduce the number of guides by pressing the '​-'​ (hyphen) key.
 +==== Method 2 ====
 +  - **Select a note or rest** from the [[writing:​tuplets|tuplet]] of interest by clicking on it
 +  - From the button bar, **click the guide precision drop-down**
 +  - **Select the level of precision** you want.
 +  - Mouse your mouse back over the tuplet. You will see the number of guides has changed
 +===== Hiding Guides =====
 +To hide or turn off guide notes either:
 +  * Click the //Show Guides// button in the button bar OR
 +  * Hold shift. Guides will reappear when you release the shift key
 +===== Cursor Following =====
 +Guides will follow your cursor vertically. To switch this function off, click the //Guides follow cursor// button on the button bar. 
 +Initially, guides will not follow your cursor far off the stave. If you wish to write high above or below the stave:
 +  - **Create a note** on the stave.
 +  - **Drag that note** to the position you want it in
 +  - Guides will follow your mouse up/down to that height from now on
 +Guides do not initially follow the cursor high or low below the stave by design. This allows you to move your mouse over the score without resizing bars or having a constant barrage of guide notes.