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 +====== Non-standalone Marks ======
 +Musink offers a host of marks which are directly associated with notes, such as accents and accidentals. For standalone marks such as key-signatures and volta-brackets,​ as well as fermatas and pauses, see [[writing:​standalone_marks|]]. For text, see [[writing:​text_marks|Text Marks]].
 +===== Adding and Removing =====
 +Buttons for non-standalone marks appear on the //Mark Bar//, which docks on the far left of the screen. The mark bar shows commonly used marks, but may hide some marks if your screen is too short. To see all marks, see [[basics:​user_interface#​mark_bar|Expanding The Mark Bar]]. ​
 +==== Standard Marks ====
 +To add or remove standard mark, such as accents:
 +  - **Select the note** (or notes) you wish to add the mark to
 +  - **Click the appropriate button** on the Mark Bar or press the appropriate [[basics:​keyboard_shortcuts|shortcut key]]
 +You can also delete marks by clicking them and pressing the delete button.
 +==== Ties and Slurs ====
 +[{{ :​writing:​markbar-buttons-tie-slur.png?​nolink|Mark Bar Tie and Slur Buttons}}]
 +To add or remove ties or slurs:
 +  - **Select the notes** you wish to tie or slur. You can select more than two notes to quickly tie a series of notes.
 +  - **Click the appropriate button** on the Mark Bar or press the appropriate [[basics:​keyboard_shortcuts|shortcut key]]
 +Slurs appear as an //S// in the mark bar, while ties appear as a //T//. You may need to [[basics:​user_interface#​mark_bar|expand the mark bar]] to find these buttons.
 +===== Placement =====
 +You can change where marks appear (e.g. above the stave or below it) by changing the [[project:​staves_and_voices#​changing_stave_and_voice_settings|voice settings]].
 +===== Percussive Marks =====
 +Musink supports a number of marks used in percussion. For more information,​ see [[writing:​percussionists|Tips for Percussionists]].