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 +====== Writing Basics ======
 +This page contains information for absolute beginners on some the basic operations of Musink.
 +<WRAP tip round>
 +**[[basics:​first_score|Click here]] for a highly recommended step-by-step [[basics:​first_score|tutorial]] that covers most basics**
 +===== Introductory video =====
 +This is a short introductory video on guides, notes, and tuplets. For more information,​ search for the appropriate topic, or read below.
 +<iframe width="​420"​ height="​315"​ src="​http://​www.youtube.com/​embed/​tPbRe9Dzfgk"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe>​
 +===== Writing Notes =====
 +Notes are written in Musink by clicking on [[writing:​guide_notes|guide notes]]. More information,​ and instructional video, is available [[writing:​writing_notes|here]].
 +==== Creating 16th / 32nd Notes ====
 +To create 16th notes (semiquavers) and 32nd notes (demisemiquavers) press = or + while hovering over [[writing:​guide_notes|guide notes]]. You will be then able to select from more guides. For more information,​ and alternate methods, see [[writing:​writing_notes|Guide Notes]].
 +==== Note Durations ====
 +Note durations in Musink are automatically set. If you are having trouble, there is a [[basics:​first_score|beginners tutorial]], a more-advanced tutorial on [[basics:​understanding_how_to_write_in_musink|]],​ and a follow-up tutorial on [[writing:​note_durations|]].
 +==== Grace Notes ====
 +[[writing:​grace_notes|Click here]] for information on creating and editing grace notes.
 +===== Selecting Notes =====
 +To delete or modify notes and marks, you need to select them. Items appear red when they are selected. To select a note or mark, by click it with the left button of your mouse. To select more than one at a time you can control-click,​ shift-click,​ or control+shift-click.
 +To select a range of notes:
 +  - **Click on the first note** you wish to select
 +  - **Holding shift, click on the last note** you wish to select
 +  - **Release** the shift key
 +  - All notes between the two clicked notes will now be selected
 +To select more than one note without selecting a range:
 +  - **Click on the first note** you wish to select
 +  - **Holding control, click the next note** you wish to select
 +  - You can repeat Step 2 to select additional notes, if required
 +  - **Release** the control key
 +  - All notes you clicked will be now selected.
 +===== Copying and Pasting =====
 +{{ :​basics:​buttonpanel_maincontrols_labelled.png?​nolink&​400|}}
 +Musink lets you copy + paste or cut + paste items. To cut/copy and paste items:
 +  - **Select the items** you wish to copy and paste. You may select items from more than one voice/stave if you wish.
 +  - **Press Control+C to copy, or Control+X to cut**. You can also press the appropriate buttons in from the button bar
 +  - **Press Control+V** or the paste button from the button bar
 +  - A red line will follow the mouse. **Hover the mouse where you would like to paste and click the mouse**
 +<WRAP info round>
 +//​**Additional Info**//
 +Since version 1.2, most items can be copy+pasted. Some items, such as clefs and key signatures, cannot be copy pasted when they are selected with other items. This is to prevent unexpected copying of these items when selecting a range of notes. To copy a clef or key signature, first select it alone.