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 +====== Time Signatures ======
 +===== Changing a Time Signature =====
 +To change a time signature:
 +**1.** Holding shift, double click the first bar you want to change the time signature in. The bar will turn red.
 +**2.** Still holding shift, double click the last bar you want bar you want to change the time signature in. A range of bars will now be selected
 +**3.** Either **press Control + Shift + T**, OR choose **Marks --> Change Time Signature** from the menu bar.
 +**4.** The //Time Signature Window// will appear
 +{{ :​writing:​time_signature_window.png?​nolink&​300 |The Time Signature Window}}
 +**5.a** To change to common or cut common time, click the common or cut common symbols
 +**5.b** To use a numbered time signature format, press the up and down arrows beside the numbers to change the time signature shown
 +**6.** Press OK
 +===== Leading Bars =====
 +To create the appearance of a leading bar, select unused rests in the first bar and [[publishing:​publish_visibility|exclude them from publishing]].
 +===== Rules =====
 +Musink enforces a few rules around time signatures:
 +  * Voices of the same stave must have the exact same time signature
 +  * Staves can different time signatures if the time signatures are equivalent. For example, one stave can be in 8/8 and another in 4/4. You cannot, however, have one stave in 3/4 and another in 4/4. To use this functionality,​ uncheck the //Apply To All Staves// checkbox when changing a time signature.
 +  * You cannot change time signatures half way through a bar