The tempo of your score can be set using text marks in one of three formats. These text marks can appear anywhere in your score. If you are setting the tempo for your entire score, it is recommended that you use a free text mark situated before the first beat of the first bar. If you wish to alter the tempo, but not have a mark appear in the published score, you can exclude the text from publishing.

The three methods of specifying tempo

You can directly specify beats per minute using text marks in the following formats:

You can also specify tempo by creating a text mark that contains one of the following expressions:

Expression BPM
larghissimo 20
grave 30
lento 40
slowly 40
largo 50
broadly 50
larghetto 63
adagio 71
adagietto 75
andante moderato 80
andante 92
andantino 100
moderato 114
moderately 114
marcia moderato 114
allegretto 117
allegro moderato 118
allegro 130
quickly 130
vivace 140
vivacissimo 150
allegrissimo 160
very quickly 160
presto 185
very fast 185
prestissimo 210