This page contains explanations to the most common MIDI issues. For MIDI input troubleshooting, see Troubleshooting Input Devices.

A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system

Musink received a bad device identification number from Windows

Käytetty laitetunnus on järjestelmän käyttämän alueen ulkopuolella

Musink asks Windows for a list of devices to use. If a device is removed or malfunctions after this list is obtained, such as half way through playback, this error can occur. This can also occur if Windows is damaged, and returns an inaccurate list. You can:

  • Not unplug or remove MIDI devices while they or Musink is in use (Prevention)
  • Refresh devices and try again
  • Check your MIDI devices are working correctly
  • Uninstall unstable MIDI devices
  • Reinstall Windows (Not recommended)

No Driver Was Found

Aucun pilote n'est installé sur votre système

Nessun driver installato nel sistema

Não há nenhum driver instalado no sistema.

Sisteminizde yüklü sürücü yok

No MIDI devices are installed on your system for Musink to use. Windows typically includes with DirectX, which includes one default MIDI device. This message can also occur if a device has malfunctioned or been removed while in use. You can:

  • Select Refresh Devices from the Playback menu
  • Restart your MIDI device
  • Restart your computer
  • Ensure that DirectX is installed on your computer, and is up to date
  • Install a third party MIDI device, such as Coolsoft Virtual MIDI Synth
  • Check that your soundcard and any installed MIDI devices are functional
  • Reinstall DirectX
  • Reinstall Windows (Not recommended)

There is not enough memory available for this task

Your computer has run out of memory dedicated to the MIDI device you are using. This message can also appear when the selected device is already in use by another program. You can:

  • Close some programs and try again
  • Check that the device is not in use by another program
  • Check that you do not have MIDI devices feeding back into themselves (MIDI A –> MIDI B –> MIDI A)
  • Use a different MIDI device


There are several reasons that playback can be very quiet or silent:

  • The dynamics of your piece are very quiet. Try setting the dynamics of your piece to very loud with MIDI modifiers. Some MIDI devices will not accurately play very quiet notes.
  • You have muted the voice you wish to hear or set the volume of the voice very low. See Channel Volume. (This only applies to Musink Pro).
  • The main volume of your speakers is low, or your soundcard/speakers are malfunctioning. Try to play a sound in another program, such as Windows Media Player to test this
  • The main volume is OK, but the volume of your MIDI device, or Musink, is low. Open the Volume Mixer in Windows and check that Musink and your MIDI device (if listed) are turned up
  • Your MIDI device or cable is malfunctioning. Try a different MIDI device, if possible, and try again.
  • The volume setting on your MIDI device is turned down low. Turn it back to maximum, if possible. Also ensure that “Send channel volume messages” is checked in Musink settings (Tools –> Settings –> Playback and MIDI).
  • The MIDI device you are using does not support the pitches you are playing back. This can sometimes occur when attempting to play notes well out of the range of the instrument. Try a range of pitches, or with the instrument set to piano to determine if this is the case
  • You have opened a corrupt Musink project (this is unlikely). Restart Musink and try with a new project

The specified registry key was not found

The MIDI device you have tried to use is not installed correctly, or your soundcard is not installed correctly, or your Windows registry has other errors. You can:

  • Use a different device
  • Restart your computer
  • Uninstall and reinstall your MIDI device
  • Uninstall and reinstall DirectX, if your device was Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
  • Reinstall Windows (Not recommended without expert assistance)

Unknown External Error

Erreur externe indéfinie

Errore esterno non determinato

Windows or your MIDI device has encountered an unknown error. This is not a problem with Musink, but rather a problem with your MIDI device. You can:

  • Refresh devices and try again
  • Check any MIDI cables plugged into your computer are firmly pushed into both the computer and your device
  • Restart your computer
  • Check your MIDI device is installed correctly
  • Install a different MIDI device