Colour Blind Mode

To help users those who suffer from visual impairment and/or colour (color) blindness, Musink comes with a colour-blind mode option. When colour-blind mode is switched on, a box appears around notes and marks that are selected. This feature was introduced in Musink version

A rest and clef selected with colour-blind mode on (top) and off (below)

To turn colour-blind mode on or off:

  1. Click Tools from the Menu Bar
  2. Click Options. The options window will appear.
  3. Double-click Appearance to expand the appearance options
  4. Click Use colour-blind mode
  5. Press OK

If you have turned on colour-blind mode, boxes will now appear around selected notes and marks.

Colour-blind mode has no impact on published scores. The box which appears around selected items does not appear in published scores.