Example Scores

The following projects/scores demonstrate principles taught in this wiki. You may download these projects and scores for personal educational use.

Note that some versions of Firefox do not display fonts within PDFs correctly.

Principle Title Page(s) PDF Download
Your First Score Tutorial My First Score Your First Score my_first_score.pdf my-first-score.musink
Templates Extract from Piano Sonata No. 8 (Beethoven) Templates beethoven_sonata_bold.pdf beethoven_sonata_a5.pdf Not available
Templates / Stave Brackets Bourree in G (Handel) Templates bourree_in_g_-_handel.pdf bourree_in_g_-_handel.musink
Grand Staff Fur Elise (Mozart) Standalone Marks fur_elise.pdf fur_elise.musink
Partial Bars / Anacruses None Bars anacrusis.musink
Percussion / Drum Keys Percussion Cheat Sheet Tips for Percussionists, Drum Keys drum_map.musink
Percussion / Voices Tiny Drum Example: Two Voices Tips for Percussionists, Staves and Voices tiny_drum_example.pdf tiny_drum_example.musink
Percussion / Voice Groups Tiny Drum Example: Three Voices Tips for Percussionists, Voice Groups tiny_drum_example_with_voice_groups.pdf tiny_drum_example_with_voice_groups.musink
Percussion / Voice Groups None Voice Groups voice-grouping-example.musink
MIDI Loop / Percussion / Tuplets Swing Under The Rain MIDI Export, Tips for Percussionists, Tuplets swing.pdf swing.musink
Sections / Percussion Funk Exercises (extract) Sections, Tips for Percussionists funk_exercises.pdf Not available
Sections / Multi-Column Layouts Simple Piano Rhythm Exercises Tutorial: Creating Multi-Column Layouts exercise-sections-example.pdf,exercise-sections-example-two-cols.pdf exercise-sections-example.musink